Flashback: Prom Movie Make-Over

All the prom buzz has us thinking about reliving the past. The only problem is that the dresses we once coveted are total fashion don’ts. Here’s a flashback to the movies that had the best proms and our RTR 2011 make-over to update to their fashion don’t moment. What’s your favorite prom movie?



You’re the one that I want, but not in that dress. Goody two-shoes Sandy and bad boy Danny could dance their hearts out, but if Sandy was wearing that to prom today she’d be waiting all night to be asked the big question. She’ll only be getting a “will you dance with me?” if she changed into the David Meister Ultra Gown.


David Meister Ultra Gown Rent the Runway Grease Prom


Never Been Kissed

Lucky for Josie Gellar her prom had a theme that centered around famous couples throughout history. Otherwise, she’d never be able to wear that Shakespearean get-up to prom today. To avoid getting eggs thrown at her again and being called Josie Grossie, she should wear the “rufus” Bibhu Mohapatra Princess Sweetheart Gown to prom and bring Shakespeare into this century.


 Bibhu Mohapatra Princess Sweetheart Gown Prom Never Been Kissed


10 Things I Hate About You

Patrick has his work cut out for him when he wanted to win over Kat, but the dress she wore to prom needed major work too. To stay true to her defiance of traditional anything, we would put her in a black, no ruffle, no sequins and no nonsense Carlos Miele In the Navy Gown.


Carlos Miele In the Navy Gown Rent the Runway 10 Things I Hate About You Prom


Mean Girls

Did Regina George really think she could show up to prom in that pink mini dress and wire frame around her head and take the crown? We weren’t impressed with Cady’s Mathletes ensemble but would have crowned her without a second thought in the Crowned Jewel Gown. Appropriate, no?


Carlos Miele Crowned Jewel Dress Rent the Runway Mean Girls Prom



The blue dress was a different look for Bella, but not enough to make Edward want to turn her into a vampire on prom night. He would have wanted her to spend the rest of eternity with him if she came down the stairs in the Nicole Miller Navy Sequin Gown.


Nicole Miller Navy Sequin Gown Rent the Runway Twilight Prom


Thanks to our friends at IMDb for all the images!