Friday Fashion Fun


As Kate Spade NY fans we are thrilled to find out that the brand is working on a new line called Kate Spade Saturday which will feature more affordable home goods and apparel. Women will now have greater access to this designer’s feminine and playful products. Kate, it’s safe to say that we’re right behind you if you decide to cover the six remaining days of the week!



Whether it was Barbie or American Girl, everybody had their childhood favorites. If yours happened to be Betty and Veronica from the Archie’s comics, we’ve got news for you. Next spring MAC will be releasing its “Archie’s Girls” collection for comic book fans everywhere. So those of you who loved the sweet girl-next-door or the sexy socialite here’s the chance to thrown on some lipstick, pucker up, and find an Archie of your very own!



Sneaker fanatics everywhere are trying to get their hands on this limited edition T-shirt from the Nike + Kanye West’s Air Yeezy 2 shoe collaboration — but unless they’ve got some serious cash to spare, they’re out of luck. The latest creation from famed designer Wilfry is an all-over print tee featuring pairs upon pairs of Platinum Grey Yeezy’s, and costs an astounding $90,300. For that price, we don’t even know if we could afford the rental!