Friday Fashion Fun: 8.10.12

Vogue’s monstrous September issue features Lady Gaga in an absolutely insane ( and definitely in a good way) Marc Jacobs gown.  We know — we’re as shocked as you to see her in actual clothes! But a quick flip to the inside spread reveals Mother Monster in the nude, aside from a gargantuan feathered Stephen Jones for Marc Jacobs hat…somehow that seems more normal. [Fashionista]

As ridiculous as these felines’ costumes for the Algonquin Hotel Cat Runway show are, we at Rent the Runway are definitely dog lovers. Even so we can’t help but be completely impressed with how amazing these outfits are…maybe we should consider a designer doggy line? [Gothamist]

Come Monday, Big Apple style will have a new sheriff in town. New York Magazine, the authority on all things NYC, is set to release its new, glossy version of The Cut. ”Our goal was to create a mash-up between a high-end fashion magazine and a blog,” said Moss, says the magazine’s EIC. We’re convinced the revamped site will soon be our digital mecca of all things fashion, style and media.  We can’t wait for Monday morning (did we just say that?)! [Business Insider]