Friday Fashion Fun: Proenza, Moschino, and Handbags

To finish up the week, we thought we’d share some of our favorite fashion finds online this week. Tell us what your favorites are in the comments. – Lara


Proenza Pre-Order

The season may have just turned to fall, but our minds are already on Spring. So the fact that we can purchase Proenza’s shoes from the runway show now makes us happy shoppers. Browse Proenza

 Proenza Heels


Michelle Obama in Moschino

We always enjoy seeing what the first lady is wearing in TheCut’s lookbook, but it’s even better to see her in one of our prints. Browse Moschino

 Michelle Obama in Moschino


Net-a-Porter’s New Bag Video

A fun way to enjoy lunch at your desk. Speaking of which, have you seen our accessories video? Browse accessories