Friday Fun: Classic Remakes

Before we leave for the long weekend (can you believe the weather report?!), we wanted to leave you with something fun to think about while you're (hopefully) laying on a beach somewhere. Wednesday we got word that Calvin Klein was recreating Cher's iconic white dress from Clueless. Naturally this got us thinking about what other classic dresses we'd like to get our hands on. Here's some of our picks (we could honestly play this game forever, so you can expect more next week) – what are yours? Happy long weekend! – Jenn & Jenny

Jennifer Grey's pink dress from Dirty Dancing (Jenn's seen this movie 250 times, been to Dirty Dancing sing-a-longs and dreamed of being Baby)

Dirty Dancing

The red strapless dress Julia Roberts wore to the opera in Pretty Woman (Lara's favorite movie)


The prom dress worn by both Brenda & Kelly at 90210's prom


     90210 Prom dress