Gifts That Give Back

It’s not too late to pay it forward in 2012 — be twice as nice and gift a friend or loved one something as meaningful as it is stylish! After weeks of holiday shopping, your wallet may not thank you, but everyone from Ugandan women to Sandy survivors will: Purchase one of these amazing gifts, and spread joy across the world.

Hand Crafted FEED Pouches ($35) – These colorful cases are the perfect catch-all for any girl on the go, and a small purchase means huge rewards; the Guatemala Cosmetic pouch provides 70 packets of micro-nutrient powder to children in Guatemala, while a single FEED 10 Haiti Pouch provides 10 nutritious meals for school children.

UgaBeads Wrap Bracelets ($40) – These beautifully intricate beaded gifts are as unique and authentic as those who create them — the children and women of Uganda. All UgaBeads are hand-crafted from recycled paper and purchase at fair market values, and 100% of the proceeds are donated back to the Ugandans.

Be Brave: Hurricane Sandy Bracelet ($35) – Support the Jersey Shore in style! Bravelet bracelets help us find the strength to brave the tough times. Gift a red bravelet to a loved one, or wear one proudly yourself to support the victims and survivors of Hurricane Sandy. The philanthropic org also produces color-coded bravelets to support other causes, such as Breast Cancer, Autism, Sexual Assault.

The Giving Keys Pendant ($35-$40) – Each key in the collection carries a unique message — HOPE, STRENGTH, DREAM — or you can customize your own. Our favorite part? When the key’s owner finds someone to whom they want to give the power of the key’s inscription, they give it away and share their story.

Votivo Scented Candle for charity:water ($28) – Purchase a Votivo candle  in “Crisp Clean White,” and $18 of your purchase will be donated to charity:watera non-profit that delivers clean drinking water to people in developing nations.

Friends of Finn Soludos for the Humane Society ($35) – These bone-printed Soludos are not only stylish, but will help save (wo)man’s best friend. Proceeds benefit The Humane Society‘s Friends of Finn Society, whose their mission is to help dogs in the deplorable conditions at puppy mills and educate dog owners who unwittingly help keep these institutions in business.