Have Yourself a Cozy Little Holiday

I hope that this holiday, you’re reading a book by the fire with your dog curled up at your feet, surrounded by shreds of wrapping paper and bows… or watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” in your flannel PJ’s while your Mom braids your hair, and your Dad snores like a buzz saw on the couch. I hope you haven’t thought about work in days and I hope your iPhone and laptop are dusty, because of all days – the holidays should be about unplugging and enjoying some down time with family and friends.
I also hope that RIGHT before you unplug from the internet for the holly-days, you read this post, because here are a few things that will make it a little bit cozier!
Have Yourself a Cozy Little Christmas _ Covet Living

1. First of all, give your nails a coat of THIS as a little present to yourself. You may be all incognito and barefaced in sweatpants and glasses all day, but then you’ll glance down at your hands and remember that you are super fancy. Note: this goes on more purple, so try a bottom coat of hot pink or red if you want it to look more like the bottle color.
2. Make a skillet of homemade s’mores. I mean. Have. You. Ever.
3. Speaking of sweats… not that your trusty tattered high school track hoodie doesn’t cut the mustard, but scoop up this number to sport while you lounge on Christmas Day… and every Sunday morning thereafter.
4. Mull a little wine, and let the glorious scent waft through the house like a little slice of heaven. Then pour yourself a cup and…
5. Play a little Scrabble. Some of my fondest memories from holidays are of posting up at the dining room table with my aunts, cousins and grandmother, and playing for HOURS. This vintage board has little grooves for the letters, and (gasp!) it rotates.
Merry Merry to You & Yours!
-Stephanie of Covet Living
Photo credit: Mulled Wine