Holiday Parties: A Survival Guide Part I

Busy calendar + skipping gym for parties + food temptations + holiday spirits… We sat down with dietician Jessica Katz to get the scoop on what to pick and what to skip at holiday parties to ensure we don’t gain the average 1 pound per week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Nip that holiday weight gain in the bud with some simple tricks on what to enjoy minus the guilt…because the holidays are a time to be look fab, be social and celebrate!
Holiday Drinks
What to pick:
• Wine: red, white, rose; or better yet, a wine spritzer!
• Light beer
• Vodka soda (vodka + club soda + lots of ice + lime)
• Gimlet (vodka, gin or tequila + lots of ice + fresh lime juice)
• Champagne…100 calories a pop!

What to skip:
• Eggnog
• Hot buttered rum
• Hot toddies
• Spiked hot chocolate
• Fruity martinis
• Holiday punch
The good news: Various lighter recipes exist for classic holiday bevs, so whip up your own cocktail to share at the party!
Holiday Appetizers
What to pick:
• Raw veggies / crudité…can dip into salsa, mustard, hummus or guacamole
• Raw bar: shrimp cocktail, oysters, lobster
• Handful of nuts
• Handful of olives
• Naked popcorn
• Sushi (steer clear of spicy rolls, cream cheese, eel sauce, tempura)
• Smoked salmon
• Grilled chicken skewers

What to skip:
• Cheese straws, cheese balls, cheesy dips, mac & cheese…or just plain cheese – unless you can keep it to one serving
• Creamy dips (even healthy-sounding ones like spinach and artichoke!)
• Meatballs
• Quesadillas
• Pigs in blanket
• Spring rolls
• Deviled eggs
• Crab cakes
Stay tuned for part 2 of surviving the holidays with Jessica!