It’s Official!


First, we were four and we were homeless. Last June, when Jenny and I hired our first teammates – Derek and Lara – for Rent the Runway we were working out of Cosi sandwich shops and on a classy day, an occasional West Village coffee shop. Then we subleased space from an architecture firm that we found by getting lost on our way back to the elevator after a Brian Reyes appointment. For 6 long months we crammed more and more team members and interns into a space meant for 4. We got to know our co-workers (a little too well!) and got to know that architects don't talk to each other much during the day – thus making for a pretty awkward neighborly relationship given all the laughter and pep happening over on the RTR side. Finally on January 15th, we moved into our own space – and painted one of the walls hot pink, in honor of the type of company I've always dreamed of working for. True story: I actually dreamed of working in an office with comfortable couches and a hot pink wall about a year ago and now unbelievably it's a reality! And finally today, we got the true marker of real company status – a door sign. Until now, we've had a crumbled piece of paper posing for a company i.d. But today, it's all stainless steel official – and here's the team (part of it!) in front of the sign. A very, very proud day for me! — Jenn