Jenn’s Top 5 Reasons to Rent for NYE



1You Deserve It 


You’ve worked around the clock all year, why shouldn’t you look your most beautiful on the most celebrated night of the year? Did you know that more engagements happen and more people meet their special “one” on NYE than any other night? Thanks to our friends at The Knot for this info :)


2It’s the most photographed night of the year.


Fabulous new Facebook profile picture – guaranteed!


3You will definitely only wear that sequin dress once.


(especially due to #2). Can’t be seen twice in the same dress on Facebook if you know what I’m sayin. Got an image to uphold…


4Fit Guaranteed: Eat as many holiday cookies as you want.


We send you two sizes, so you won’t have to skimp on your favorite seasonal treats.


5A one night stand you won’t regret.


New Year’s is likely the #1 night of the year for one night stands but hey you never know, it could lead to point #1. Wear something sparkly. This is the one night of the year where bling = normal. If you’re not sparkling, go home! And as my fav person Becky Hyman always says, “more is more.”


xo, Jenn