J&J on Earth Day


Jenn & Jenny Rent the Runway Earth Day


Earth Day is today and RTR’s been revving up for it all week. We’ve got fresh flowers in our office, Brita filters in lieu of bottled water, windows open and A/C off and a new recycling initiative. How’s that for a first step?


Rent the Runway has always been eco-conscious and there is no reason that you can’t get your fashion fix while being green. The resources, textiles, energy and time put into making one dress is a complete waste if it sits in your closet after one wear. With RTR, you can borrow instead of wasting and join in on the “fashion recycling” we all love.


As you know, dry cleaning is part of the RTR process and it was important for us to choose a dry cleaner who shared our vision. All of our dresses are dry cleaned at Slate, an eco-friendly, organic facility and as we grow, we plan to grow green.


Take a look at what our stylists will be wearing to celebrate Earth Day and how they’re being environmentally conscious day to day, here. How do you take care of Mother Earth?


Growing green,

Jenn & Jenny