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Love is in the air… even in Hollywood, where love sometimes seems fleeting. Right now, there’s no lack of celebrities falling head over heels and saying yes! to love and a beautiful engagement ring!  But what kind of ring do you want? That depends on the woman, and we're spotting some trends emerging among the recently engaged.


Trend 1: Fancy shape diamonds are hot! While round diamonds have been the traditional choice for engagement rings for many years, we’ve recently seen a lot of interest in other shapes, like cushion cuts, emerald cuts, asscher cuts, ovals and radiants (which we in the biz refer to as “fancy shapes”).  For a woman who wants an engagement ring that’s unique, a fancy shape diamond is a beautiful choice. No question about it – this is one trend that’s not slowing down.


Celebs fans: Leann Rimes, Shania Twain, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Duff, Katherine Heigl and Victoria Beckham.



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Trend 2: Leading ladies are seeing color! To personalize your ring, consider using color as either a center stone or as accent stones around a center. Sapphires and rubies are very popular and also make a good choice because of their durability. And who could possibly say no to a colored diamond in yellow or pink (gasp)!


Celeb fans: Carrie Underwood -12 carat yellow diamond, Jessica Simpson- bright red ruby, Kate Middleton- Princess Diana’s divine oval sapphire.


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As they prepare for their 2011 nuptials, Hollywood’s leading ladies are embracing love and setting some trends. If you’re thinking about your engagement ring, ask yourself – is your style classic, modern or vintage? Just remember to drop a few hints for your special someone. Celebrity or not, proposing is a leap of faith and it sure would be nice for him to know if you’re a “classic round” or a “vintage cushion”. Ahh love… isn’t it grand?

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