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Your wedding day…. You planned every facet. The place, the colors, the flowers, the seating, your dress and your jewelry of course! As one of the finishing touches wedding jewelry completes your look, accents your surroundings and will make you feel even more beautiful. If you plan on keeping your earrings for years to come you’ll need a little help. Choosing the right earring takes a little finesse and you should always keep a few things in mind; your dress, your own personal style, comfort and photographs. These are our best tips for choosing the right earring for your wedding day.



Tip 1: Necklace + Proportions

Dream of wearing an important necklace on your special day? Consider a stud earring; diamonds, pearls, or small clusters are all options. It’s classic and simple with enough of an impact to be noticed as they fashionably complement your necklace.


Kwiat Wedding Earrings Rent the Runway

Kwiat Diamond Stud Earrings in Kwiat’s signature three prong mounting



Tip 2: Seeking for Suites

You want it all- the earrings, the necklace, the bracelet and possibly the hairpiece? You should look for a short dangle off the ear. Often on a wire, drop earrings are a fashionable choice that plays to your own movement. Also, this type of earring is often used in jewelry suites. Typically matching earrings, necklace and bracelets, jewelry suites are a great option for the girl that wants it all.


Kwiat Wedding Earrings Rent the Runway Weddings

Kwiat Star Diamond Earrings



Tip 3: Statement Piece

You will already be the center of attention on your day, but are you the type to usually command the room in red stilettos and bold accessories? You may need a statement earring. Large drop earrings are beautiful but they are not for everyone and photos won’t let you forget your selection. If it is for you, be mindful of how they photograph and how comfortable they are.


Kwait Wedding Earrings Rent the Runway Weddings

Statement earrings from the Kwiat Legacy Collection


The best advice is to discover all of your options. It’s your day so choose something that makes you feel fabulous. And remember, when it’s all over it’s just the two of you and the memories of your day.


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