Mexicue: Snackin to the Beat

Brought to Rent the Runway by Mexicue’s Julia Collins


Mexicue Rent the Runway

After hours of breaking it down on the dance floor, people tend to get the munchies.  No matter how well you’ve fed your guests during your reception, there is no doubt that by the end of the night they’ll be hungry for more.  Dressed to the nines and weary from the electric slide, your guests will be famished, punchy and clueless of where to find a tasty bite that will power them safely home. Enter the Midnight Snack, brought to you by Mexicue.



Mexicue Rent the RunwaySmall, simple, creatively presented snacks are the perfect compliment to a night of dancing and toasting.  Think, mini red velvet sandwich cakes with marshmallow-buttercream filling. 


Or BBQ brisket sliders with spicy slaw and avocado.  And before you start to worry that this will send your wedding budget into a tailspin, consider calling your favorite food truck to swing by. Mexicue Rent the Runway



To have Mexicue design a special midnight snack for your wedding, please call 646-543-MEXI. Or send us a message at catering@mexicueny.comCheck out our menu here!