NYC Food Trucks



COOLHAUS: Heaven between two cookies.
What you’ll find: Ice cream, cookies, ice cream sandwiches “Sammies”
Where you’ll find it: Follow at @COOLHAUS on Twitter for deals and day-to-day location.
Why we love it : You won’t find yourself eating a mediocre cookie and awesome ice cream or vice versa – both are equally amazing! Plus, they have incredible unique flavors…Chocolate Chunk Pretzel anyone?
Keep in mind : Check their Twitter or website everyday for a “Password of the Day” and get super sweet savings when you go to the truck!


Wafels & Dinges: Get as close to Belgium as you can with W&D waffles and “dinges” (toppings!)
What you’ll find: Waffles with toppings ranging from Nutella, bananas, maple syrup to spekuloos (a crowd favorite) or bacon and pulled pork!
Where you’ll find it: Follow at @WaffleTruck for day-to-day location.
Why we love it: W&D are Vendy Award winners and have gotten a visit from Belgian Royals!
Keep in mind:  Visit their website and  earn a free “dinge” when you try to crack their daily challenge!


Milk Truck: After intense research of bread and cheese combinations, Milk Truck delivers the perfect grilled cheese.
What you’ll find: Grilled cheese, tomato soup, milkshakes…What childhood dreams are made of.
Where you’ll find it: Follow at @MilkTruckNYC, check their website for a set schedule, or call: 646-504-6455.
Why we love it: The ultimate American comfort food on wheels. Who doesn’t like grilled cheese and tomato soup?
Keep in mind: They have a station on Saturdays & Sundays at the Brooklyn Flea market and Smorgasburg.


Frites’n’meats: “Saving the world, one burger at a time”
What you’ll find: Burgers, double-fried Belgian frites, and dipping aoili sauces
Where you’ll find it: Follow at @fritesnmeats or check their website for a weeklu calendar.
Why we love it: Not only are the cheeseburgers amaze, but the aoili dipping sauces are to die for.
Keep in mind: They cook their burgers based on your travel time; if you’re on your way back to the office they’ll cook them a little less due to the heat insulating wrapping that will keep them at the perfect medium-rare grill.


Kelvin Slush: Totally customizable slush beverages.
What you’ll find: Summer in the city is hot-hot-hot. Beat the heat and choose from 3 all-natural slush flavors and purée mix-ins like apricot, blueberry, white peach, and so many more.
Where you’ll find it: Follow at @KELVINSLUSH or call 646-200-5083.
Why we love it: They are the perfect summer beverage: totally natural, so refreshing, and have enough mix-ins to keep you coming back for more.
Keep in mind: Although they do not sell with alcohol, the website suggests trying it as a mixed drink!


Luke’s: A taste of Maine on the streets of New York
What you’ll find: Buttery lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls, clam chowder
Where you’ll find it: follow the Nauti-Mobile at @LukesLobsterNY or check their website for sit-down locations.
Why we love it: They’re perfect to grab for a picnic in the park or a stroll on the High-Line.
Keep in mind: They’re packaged and untouched so that when they arrive in NYC, the last air they felt was Maine.