Ode to Missoni

After Paris, I traveled to Milan (which despite it’s reputation for being a concrete jungle) I actually love. Perhaps I’m biased by the pasta, but Milan has such a warmth and passion seeping from its narrow streets.


I had the incredible opportunity to meet with Vittorio Missoni – one of the patriarchs of the Missoni clan – at the brand’s incredible showroom in Milan. The showroom was once an umbrella factory, which was converted to have almost a greenhouse-like effect – bright, airy and super chic. As you can probably guess, Missoni is indeed coming to Rent the Runway in late summer. There was just so much to choose from – prints and dresses galore.


Comment back and tell us which styles you love and we’ll be sure to order them for you.


P.S. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Missoni’s latest ad campaign – it’s AMAZING and all about family. Talk about communicating the essence of the brand and making you feel that Italian warmth. –Jenn