Photomuse: How to Pose on Your Wedding Day

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You've gone all out to look beautiful today. Your hair and makeup came out exactly how you wanted it to, your shoes rock and your gown is simply stunning. You look in the mirror and you are happy and you are ready to face the world. Then the moment arrives when you are posing for the photographer and suddenly, if you are like most people (myself included) you have flashbacks of photographs from your past and no matter how good you felt looking in the mirror, you suddenly find yourself feeling nervous and apprehensive about how you will look in the camera. Your smile starts to feel a little forced and you find yourself losing some of your mojo.


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In most cases, your photographer should be able to talk you through some posing tips, but there will many times during the wedding day that you are on your own. There are some fairly basic tips on posing that I can share with you to get the most out of your wedding day photos.


1.  DON'T ever stand straight on towards the camera. ALWAYS turn your body so that you have a 45 degree angle to the camera. With this stance, now turn your torso towards the camera, along with your head. Place your weight on the back leg. Let the front foot turn outwards slightly away from your body. Don’t ever point your toes inward!

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There are two variations for your leg positions:


If you want a more classic and demure look, bring the front leg out to your side and then softly slide it back until your knees are touching, keeping that front leg just slightly bent, with your toe resting slightly on the ground. This creates a beautiful frame for the rest of your body.


If you are going for a more sassy or "cool" pose, take a slightly wider stance (again, the weight is on the back leg) and point your front toes away from your body. 


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2. DON'T slouch. Remember your posture. Take a deep breath, stand tall and then exhale and relax your shoulders. The inhalation lifts the body, the exhalation relaxes your stance, and the breathing in general will help you focus and feel calm.


3. Lower your chin SLIGHTLY so that the focus goes to your eyes and not your chin. This also helps to keep your eyes look more alert and open.


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4. Keep a small amount of space between your arms and your body. This keeps your arms from being pressed against your body and thereby looking fuller, and it shows your curves. 


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5. Relax the hands. A tendency is to clench the hands when a person is nervous.


6. Bouquets: always hold your bouquet slightly lower than your waist. Too often I see women holding the bouquets at waist or chest level. This hides your beautiful dress and hides your curves!


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The most important part above all else is to relax and enjoy the moment. Look at photographs of yourself and see what your body positions were in the images that you liked the most. Practice in the mirror. Above all else, just be yourself and have fun!


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