Raise Your Glass

Ah, the wedding toast. It’s flattering to be asked, but then the nervousness sets in. Night sweats, nightmares, the works. Unless you’re a seasoned pro, giving a speech in front of a crowd can be intimidating. So when you get the pre-toast jitters, keep these tips in mind. Whether you’re speaking at an engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or the wedding reception, you’ll get a standing ovation.
- Keep your speech shorter than your dress.
- Trying to determine the appropriate number of props? Add up all the
props you were planning to use, multiply by zero, and you’ve got it.
- Are you Nicki Minaj? If yes, feel free to rap. Otherwise: no. This
is a toast, not a talent show.
- Raise a glass, but not 10. A little liquid courage goes a long way.
- Some roasting with your toasting won’t hurt anyone. Just keep it
PG…well, maybe PG-13.