The RTR Buying Process

The best time of the year to be in New York is fashion week! Fashion week occurs twice a year in NYC as designers put on shows to preview their collections to retailers. RTR’s fashion team attends the big shows at the tents to find the best styles to bring to the site. In this post, our stylist Alissa gives us the run down on how RTR buys for all of you.



Rent the Runway Buying Process



1. Fashion Shows

Designers present their latest collections, showing us their vision for the upcoming season. RTR attends to see what’s to come for the following season.

Rent the Runway Buying Process  Rent the Runway Buying Process

2. Market Week

After the show our buyers attend “market week” to view the collection in person. The collection is usually a combination of sample pieces that walked on the runway, commercial looks (a more “wearable” version of the runway looks) and pieces that weren’t shown on the catwalk. Here, they usually bump into some of our friends from Saks, Bergdorf and Barney’s- we buy just like they would. Pictures and notes are taken of dresses the team loves and taken back to the office to be decided on later.


3. Order

This is the hardest part! The team looks through all of the photos that were taken throughout market week and takes into consideration our member requests, Style Council votes and trend analysis before placing the big order. Each order is placed to the specific designer and the rest is history.



Rent the Runway Buying process


4. Photo Shoot

Once they’ve decided on the styles they love, they call in all the dresses. Each designer sends RTR a dress from the order we placed for a photo shoot at the RTR headquarters. We photograph the dresses a few months before the dresses actually arrive in our warehouse.

5. Site

After we choose our favorite pics for the site, the finished dresses are shipped to the RTR warehouse where they are barcoded, racked and finally, ready to rent!



Rent the Runway Buying Process