RTR Weekend Box Office Review

Our team consumed a lot of media this holiday weekend keeping busy at the box office. Here's what our critics had to say about the movies this weekend – and the fashions they featured!


Love & Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs


If you are looking for a light hearted rom com, Love and Other Drugs will sit heavier than that third helping of leftovers you really should have said no to. That said, the movie is just the right combination of highly unlikely (can love really change a super sexy cad like Gyllenhall's character Jaime?), sexy and emotionally manipulative…a perfect combination for the holiday season!  We left feeling touched (and a touch depressed, but in a good way).  Survey says, if you liked 500 Days of Summer, you will probably love Love and Other Drugs.


Fashion review: Since Anne Hathaway spent most of her time in the buff, there wasn't too much in the way of fashion. Here's some sexy dresses to turn up the heat if you're in the less is more camp.

Nicole Miller Make Him Regret It DressHerve Leger Cherry On Top Dress





Burlesque is 100 minutes of pure fun.  While the basic dialogue  may lack poetic resonance; the music, sets and costumes more than make up for it.  Cher plays the nightclub owner and does a great job acting as "mom" to all the girls and guys who work at "Burlesque."  At 64 she is still an amazing performer, and in one scene declares "you haven't seen the last of me" in the refrain of a song.  I hope we never do.


Fashion review:

Over the top fabulous. Here's some "Burlesque" themed looks that will guarantee an attentive audience.

Pencey Connect the Dots DressMilly Toffee Ripple Delight Dress