Spring Ahead with Milly

The warm weather is finally upon us and it’s amazing how just a little sunshine can change your mood and your willingness to spend all day Saturday shopping to find that perfect spring wardrobe. For me, spring has always been about newness and experimentation – every new (and important) friendship I’ve made has started in springtime, most new relationships, even new traditions, like the annual beach party! Now that I think about it, maybe I’m just a nicer/prettier/more thoughtful person when it’s sunnier outside (note to self to work on this!). So in honor of sunshine, rooftop parties, al fresco dining, and garden fetes – I wanted to point out a few pieces by Milly that I think are essential to any spring wardrobe.


Remember, Milly has been gracious enough to give all Rent the Runway ladies a 10% off discount for all purchases made on Millyny.com this week. So, here’s what I’d use the discount for:



1) Rent the Runway’s all about dresses, so I gotta start there. Build your spring wardrobe with a classic LBD. It won’t go out of style, you’ll always look a size thinner and you can accessorize it up to match the trends. The one above is my favorite by Milly this season due to the embellishment.


2) I desperately, desperately need a trench coat or any spring jacket for that matter. This one has a bit of classic Burberry feel to it but with a bit of a downtown, younger edge. Love it!


3) I’m not ready for bikini season – and while the rest of the girls in the office have gone on a juice cleanse, I’ve started to go to Physique 57 where I’m now (proudly) up to 2x a week which is very big for me. Before this I hadn’t been to the gym since June! To motivate myself for what I know lies ahead, it’s best to buy that bikini now! When there is a will there is a way. And sometimes that will is thinking of your current self in a new bikini.


Remember to use the promo code MILLYRTR2010 at checkout, and comment here to let us know which pieces you think are perfect additions to your spring wardrobe. — Jenn