Style Me: Dresses with Tights

So you rented a dress last month and you want to wear it to your best friend’s dinner party except there’s one teeny tiny issue… this time around it’s 40 degrees out! We’ve asked our stylists (and our customers!) what their tips are for wearing dresses with tights.


Tip 1: We love short dresses but in 40 degree weather there is such a thing as too short. Pair a short or mini length dress with tights to avoid a fever. The shorter the dress the darker the tights!


Tip 2: Choose a dress that doesn’t scream summer! A dress in a neutral or metallic color can be disguised as part of a fall/winter season.  


Tip 3: Static cling = zero fun at a party. When humidity decreases, static will increase because the air is dry. Wear a moisturizer on your legs before putting on your tights and try to wear a natural made fiber- wool, cotton or silk. Natural made fibers produce less static. Thanks mother nature!


Tip 4: Have control. Just because you are adding a piece to your look doesn’t mean it needs to add bulk or show. We love Spanx tights, especially ones with details. They slim you down and make your legs look longer.


These are a couple of our favorite dresses that can be worn with or without tights. Which one is yours?


Doo.ri Twist Back Ruffle DressLela Rose Floral Couture Dress  Proenza Schouler Kaleidocope Floral Dress


  Gryphon Casino Royal Dress  Robert Rodriguez Collection Delicate Scalloped DressLaROK Vintage Lace Dress