Tuesday Tip: What Goes Underneath

We love the surprise of a dress with an exposed back, but as you probably know, finding the right undergarments can be tricky.  This week, we give you some options that will help you rock that dress with complicated straps or no back and still feel comfortable.


If you’re renting a strapless dress and don’t want to constantly be pulling it up, try these adhesives from Braza that keep your dress in place.  No need to be concerned about indecent exposure in this Brian Reyes dress on the dance floor!


Brian Reyes Peacock Pleated DressBraza Upsie Daisie Clothing Adhesive


If you’re going totally backless, there’s no way to wear a bra without it showing, so your best bet would be Nubra adhesive bra cups that clasp in the front and stick right on. The Lace Me Up dress from Temperley London with its slivers of skin exposed on the sides and criss-crossed open back leave nowhere to hide a bra.


Temperley London Lace Me Up DressNubra Seamless Adhesive Bra


If you need the back closure of your bra to dip down just a little lower in a dress style like this gorgeous Halston Heritage, Braza makes a back bra converter that will give you support and keep your bra from being too obvious.


Halston Heritage Color Burst Plumeria DressBraza Low Down Bra Back Converter