Your Pipe Dream Wedding Registry

When Savannah Guthrie got engaged to her longtime beau this summer, the subject of wedding registries came up on the Today Show…And when I heard someone suggest that once you’ve reached a certain age, it’s not entirely appropriate to “register” for anything for your wedding, I think i also heard the sound of tires screeching to a halt in my head. It was an internal Carrie Bradshaw moment – like the one where she sends her married friend with kids a note politely letting her know that she is registered at Manolo Blahnik. My point is, no matter what age you are when you decide to tie the knot - GIRL, you are entitled to register for anything you want!


When you’re in your 20′s and just starting out, it make sense to register for the necessities – things like bath towels & wine glasses, maybe a Dyson. But once you’ve already got a few sets of cups in the cupboard and most of the housewares you need, what do you register for? Here’s my answer: Pipe dream statement pieces you want that add a little glamour and a lot of personality to your home.



1. VINTAGE FRENCH GOBLETS -  Don’t be afraid to go vintage on a few registry items for something a little more unique that you’ll want to keep for years to come. Other goblets in sea glass hues can be found  here and here.


2. JOHN ROBSHAW GOLD ATAVI NAPKINS - My girl Caitlin of Calder Clark Designs introduced me to these when she registered. They’re  beautiful in person – plus, they add a little sparkle and worldly wonder to the table.


3. SMOKE RINGS DINNER PLATES – The days of formal wedding china are fading fast, but there’s still something lovely about the tradition and sentiment. This collection is amazing, but without the amazingly huge price tag.


4. COPPER KITCHEN AID MIXER - A few good gadgets in the kitchen go a long way, and the Kitchen Aid Mixer is the Mothership of them all. It comes in a million candy colors, but the copper is old fashioned and timeless.


5. STAUB LA COCETTE MINI - Sigh, I have dreams of baking mini quiches on a lazy Saturday morning in these.


6. ARTWORK - Nothing adds soul to your home like a piece of art. I would love to have something like this scene by Emily Blake Photography blown up to massive statement-piece-size on a wall. Heaven.


7. WOODEN COUNTRY TRAYS - I use these around the house for just about everything: liquor bottles on the dining buffet, everyday cooking items on the kitchen counter, and more. Similar styles shown herehere, and here.


8. ANTIQUE ENGLISH DECANTER - An absolute showstopper, and a gorgeous addition to any bar. I feel like this is something I would’ve found in my Grandmother’s china cabinet.


9. NEVIN FLATWARE – I fawn over the gold flatware currently popular with bloggers-the-world-over as much as the next girl, but the bone handles on this set add a laid-back, beachy feel that I love.


10. CUE BED LINENS - If you’ve already splurged on high thread count sheets but want to add a gorgeous layer to the bed, this jaw-dropping duvet is a great way to do it.


11. MARBLE SALT & PEPPER CELLARS –  Fred Flinstone chic, to the tune of impossibly cool, & I love them.


12. EMERALD QUARTZ KIVA PLATTER – These natural beauties are out of this world – and I bet you’d be the only kid at Supper Club serving up artisanal cheeses and fig spread on a piece of quartz that’s been polished to perfection and tipped in 14K gold. Also scratch resistant…holler.


Happy Registering, Chicas!

Stephanie of Covet Living