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      What inspired your Fall 2010 collection? For Fall 2010 I wanted to focus on tailoring and draping. I love the combination of the two and I wanted to explore how they could exist together. I have a natural tendency toward draping so adding a more rigid construction allows me to see softer shapes from a different angle.   How did you go about designing the prints in this collection? There were also two types of prints to help with the marriage of tailoring and draping. A softer, more painterly print and a geometric, linear print. The softer prints started off as watercolors, which were then developed digitally, and the geometric print was inspired by a glass mosaics. This season we wanted the prints to be more about representing surface textures.     Which part of the design process do you like the best? The part I like the most is the beginning of the collection. The start of the collection is when it is just about developing ideas. I love researching different artists, draping new shapes, sketching anything that comes to mind, or re-developing an idea that never had the time to be completed. The beginning of the collection is a series of endless possibilities, which is why it is the process I enjoy the most.     How is the Doo.Ri brand growing in 2010? We continue to grow our secondary line and hope to add accessories to the mix.   If you could sit front row at a fashion show for any designer in history, who would it be and why? It would be the first collection either Yohji or Comme Des Garcons debuted in Paris. These two designers were and still are some of my favorites. When I was a student I loved their complete aesthetic - the color black and the exaggerated proportions. It was a strange type of beauty that I instantly fell in love with. I still consider myself a student of Fashion and still respect and admire the two designers, yet why I admire them now is for their amazing pattern work. As a designer who always began by draping I am amazed that all of their work is flat patterned.     How do you celebrate finishing a collection? We normally do an after show dinner with staff. There are so many people involved in making a collection come together and the process can be intense and stressful- especially on very little sleep. Having an after party dinner is a way to thank everyone who has worked so hard as well as blow off steam- but also to celebrate no more working weekends and sleepless nights!   If a girl was going to purchase her first Doo.Ri piece, what would you want it to be? A signature draped Jersey dress. Read More
    Christian Siriano is having more than a moment...   Since becoming the youngest winner of Project Runway in 2008, this fierce phenomenon has become a non-stop fashion force. If you spend more than a minute with him it’s easy to see why – a true artist, Christian was born to design and he’s definitely got what it takes to make it in the biz. We adore his amazing energy and fabulously bold designs, and can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. Let us know what you’d like to see him take on in the comments – we already know there’s nothing he can’t do! -- Derek & Lara   What inspired your Spring 2010 collection? I was inspired by a few different ways of living for spring. I had this idea that my customer was traveling to the Amalfi coast in Italy and what would she wear or what would she be inspired by on her vacation? I took ideas from the Mediterranean Sea, the beach, sand, stones, water, etc. All of these things inspired the color palate and the graphic prints that were my favorite part of the collection.   The prints were taken from aerial photographs and then altered to create a more dramatic pattern. I also loved allthe blush and pink tones that came into the collection because it brought a balance to the harsh and powerful prints.   Which part of the design process do you like the best? In the process I love choosing the fabrics and creating the prints. I think seeing the fabric as a flat canvas is the best part. I also love seeing the finished garment right off the machine; it’s always so exciting the first time I see a new style and it helps inspire other patterns and shapes for the collection that I might be missing.   How is the Christian Siriano brand growing in 2010? It’s been such a wonderful process to see and watch the brand grow. I think this spring collection was very on trend but also very accessible so in that case it was a strong season. I was so lucky to have dressed some wonderful artists in this collection Like Rihanna and Christina Hendricks and that really helps the brand grow, even if it’s just brand exposure.   I also think the Siriano woman is becoming more apparent each season as I grow and my style develops and as a new designer I just love making fabulous clothing that hopefully people will love and want to wear. I think my customer loves fashion and loves getting dressed up.   In the next few months I will continue to create collections and grow the business with my great partner Payless and some other new exciting projects. I will also of course continue to make fun cocktail dresses and evening wear that women love to wear and must have.   If you could sit front row at a fashion show for any designer in history, who would it be and why? Hmmm that is hard because I'm such a fan of so many brands. I think I would want to sit and view a Dior couture show, Valentino and Galliano. I think the fantasy of those shows would be stunning.   How do you celebrate finishing a collection? I'm not sure if we ever celebrate too much It seems like we just have to move on so quickly and rush on to market week and then on the next thing. After a show I always have a party which I think every designer needs after a long day, even if it’s just with family and friends.   If a girl was going to purchase her first Christian Siriano piece, what would you want it to be? I think the first Christian piece should have power and it should be about presence. I love when a customer is not afraid to take a chance and dress to impress. You can always buy a knit top or a great Siriano jacket but that perfect cocktail dress or dramatic gown is a must. Read More
In our first edition of "Behind the Seams," we're bringing you the inside dish from Brian Reyes. This celebrity favorite (whose office happens to be next to ours!) has us craving his cocktail chic styles, and we wanted to see what makes him tick. Let us know what you think in the comments. -- Derek & Lara    What inspired your Spring 2010 collection? S/S 10 began as a structural examination of roots and the grounded world that lives beneath the soil. We started with an amazing visit to Kew Gardens in London. They've just opened their "Treetop Walk" which is fantastic, but next to the entrance is an exhibit that is really geared for children about life beneath the soil. It's a well depicted, in the simplest terms, discussion about the interconnectivity of the world we live in and how our actions in one aspect of our lives forces change in so many others. Balance is everything in the world of soil. I then took this idea of rooted realism and started exploring the lives of woman and societies that hadn't fully understood how falling out of balance can affect our lives, which brought us to the study of Rorsach or the bleeding heart prints.   How did you go about designing the prints in this collection? I have developed prints on my own for many seasons and this was the first time I’ve ever worked directly with a graphic artist. It was a very fluid process. Our meetings take place almost immediately after a runway show for the previous season, in this case, immediately following the Fall 2009 runway show. Originally, we were working on just one print, but we had so many ideas that we ended up with a few that I felt very strongly about -- whether the bleeding heart print or the vibrant blue of the Chagrin print, both make such a statement in this collection. We always play with scale, color, opacity, and repetition to create the prints.     Which part of the design process do you like the best? I feel very lucky to be doing something that I love and something that inspires me every day. Running a small business is a challenge, and I don't always get to be a "designer," but I always know that once the tedious aspects of the day are complete, I can spend my afternoons and evenings really being inspired. I think very few people are able to really pursue their passions, so I feel very blessed.   How is the Brian Reyes brand growing in 2010? I'm so excited about my Fall 2010 collection. We've spent the last few months expanding on our analysis of trees, bark, leaf structure, core structures. We're really excited about the colors and the intricate prints we're preparing for Fall 2010. While all of my prints are custom designed, I had the chance to collaborate with an inspiring artist from the Ukraine, Oksana Mas -- her take on modern art is quite expressive, and I love that she works with materials in constantly evolving mediums.   If you could sit front row at a fashion show for any designer in history, who would it be and why? I'm not really a fashion show kinda guy... I'm such a fanatic when it comes to the history of fashion and the development of so many style ideas that have progressed from the early 1800's into today’s modern fashion boutique. What women wear today feels so incredibly different from where the fashion community started last century, but there are reference points, and very few people who brought truly revolutionary ideas in their time. I'm much happier in a library thumbing thru retrospective books on the old fashion masters, or visiting the costume exhibit, than being at a runway show.    How do you celebrate finishing a collection? Oh that's a tough one... I usually go out the night following the show, and then I try to escape the studio for a week or two after a runway show to clear my mind and get started on the next season. The fashion calendar can be relentless in that the minute you've finished one collection, you jump right into the next. In my studio, I'm very hands on when it comes to the development of clothing.   If a girl was going to purchase her first Brian Reyes' piece, what would you want it to be?         One of my favorite pieces, from my collection, was Look 36 from Spring 2008. It's a very specific gown, and there is only one in the world. However, I'm obsessed these days with luxurious separates. I think it's very important for young women to begin building their wardrobe with great pieces. An amazing sweater, an amazing jacket, a simple, beautiful formed dress, something that gives a woman a taste of what we do.   Read More