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Introducing…Wedding Wednesdays! Each Wednesday we’ll be featuring a different wedding trend from Kleinfeld Bridal, New York’s premiere designer gown destination. Read More
We're pros at helping people celebrate weddings in style, but there's nothing like a Rent the Runway wedding. Last weekend, our former Sr. Director of HR, Nadia Johnson, tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony at Oheka Castle on Long Island....Talk about keeping it in the family - 7 people at the wedding were looking lovely in Rent the Runway!   Congratulations to Nadia + her husband David from all of us Rent the Runway! - Jenn   Read More
Brought to Rent the Runway by AisleDash.com’s staff and Linsey SnyderWachalter of Face Time Beauty Concierge.     You found THE dress! Now, all you need is the gorgeous glow to go with it. Choosing your makeup look for your special day can be a tricky task. Here are the best tips for choosing the best look for you.   1. Consider the season and time of year. Are you having a winter wedding or a summer soiree? If it's the middle of winter, you can get away with deep plum lips and a matte powdered face. But, if you're getting married in July, you'll want to lighten your look up a bit.     2. Think about the atmosphere and feel of the venue. Are you getting married in a ballroom or at the beach? A ballroom calls for sophistication and glamour. A bride at the beach can get away with lip gloss and bronzer.   3. Think about what look suits you on a typical night out. Do you usually go for a bold lip or smokey eyes? If you normally choose Chapstick and lots of black mascara, go for a similar feel but bump it up a notch with a glossy lip and faux lashes. It's important that you feel comfortable as you walk down the aisle and still look like you.   4. Lastly, acknowledge your fiancé's preference. Does your groom love when you wear red lipstick or does he think you are prettiest when you wake up in the morning au naturel? Ask him how he envisions you as you walk down the aisle to meet him. After all, your wedding day is about both of you!   For more tips and guides on everything bridal, visit aisledash.com.     Read More
Brought to Rent the Runway by Ovando Floral & Event Design   Ovando Floral & Event Design wants to know what kind of bride are you? From cascading bouquets to small and round bouquets, there’s a floral bouquet and a dress to fit your personality and that your bridesmaids will love. They share with us their favorite combinations for bridesmaids dresses and bouquets.   This Brielle Bow Dress from Badgley Mischka is playfully flirtatious. The brazen royal blue hue certainly demands attention while the elegant satin fabric and modest, above the knee cut is nothing short of perfect sophistication. Ovando’s lovely cascading bouquet composed of seeded eucalyptus, white roses, calla lilies, lisianthus and green orchids offers a hyper-feminine flare. The green cymbidiums and pale blue-green seeded eucalyptus add color and texture and play nicely against the bright blue satin gown. Your bridesmaids are ever-so-chic and exquisitely delicate in this combination.     Or perhaps you prefer to make a bolder statement? Your bridesmaids will undoubtedly turn heads with this vibrant red rose and gloriosa bouquet, finished in a brilliant, hot pink satin ribbon. Pairing this very contemporary look from Ovando against the dazzling blue pick from Badgley Mischka leaves no question in anyone’s mind: you are quite the trendsetter and your besties love modern flare.     This symmetrical Excellent Elena Dress from Badgley Mischka also has you swooning!  The steel blue satin offers a fabulously smart look, finished off with a lovely asymmetrical cut which proposes demurely coquettish appeal. Accent the dress with Ovando’s red rose and gloriosa bouquet for a more avant-garde finesse.  You can hardly go wrong with this combo for your bridal party.     Or play upon the sophisticate in you by pairing your Excellent Elena dress with Ovando’s quintessentially feminine bouquet. You boast graceful savoir-faire at its finest.      Indeed, the possibilities are endless! Overwhelming? Hardly. It would be hard to believe that getting primped up in these heartthrob pieces could be anything short of rapturous recreation! A toast to you and the bridesmaids!   To see Ovando’s work, book them for your wedding and learn more about them, visit OvandoNY.com. All photos are by PhotoMuse.com.     Read More
Brought to Rent the Runway by Christian Oth   There are so many great options in wedding photography available now to couples, and it can be almost overwhelming to know how to find the best match.  As a seasoned wedding photographer and studio owner, I’ve had a lot of experience working with couples to find a photographer and style that works best for them.    For the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing my best suggestions for booking your wedding photographer in Booking Your Wedding Photographer: Tips Series by Christian Oth. Following these tips will get you one step closer to getting great photographs that you’ll be able to cherish for years to come.       Week 3: The Test of Time   Do their photographs stand the test of time?  I believe a talented photographer should be able to capture beautiful photographs without using trendy processing or editing techniques in the studio that will date them down the road.  These techniques applied after the fact, are often used to distract from sub-par photography.  Instead, look at how the photographer is able to use natural light sources to accentuate the subject of the photographs, and their creative ability to use framing and focus to draw your eye to the subject.  A great, timeless photograph should still be able to communicate the same feeling to the viewer twenty years later as it did on the wedding day.   So, always ask yourself- does this photographer’s work stand the test of time?     To see Christian’s work, book him for your wedding and learn more about him, visit ChristianOthStudio.com. Bouquets were provided by Ovando Floral and Event Design.     Read More
Brought to Rent the Runway by Ruth Drennan of RuthDrennanCakes.com     When it comes to getting married there are so many details to take care of and unless you come from a household that entertains frequently (I certainly didn’t!), you have no idea where to go for all the things for your big day… especially the cake! Everyone knows you need one of those, but where should you start your search?   1. Friends and Family – This should be the first place you go to try and find your cake baker (or ANY vendor for that matter!). Your married friends can tell you about their own experience with their baker and can help direct you towards the right people to connect with as well as those to avoid! Listen to your friends. They won’t steer you wrong!   2. Magazines – The top bakers often have their creations featured in the pages of national and local bridal magazines. Take a look inside the pages and save pictures of all the cakes you like. Contact information is often given with the picture credit, so visit the sites of anyone whose work strikes your fancy. Just remember, featured bakers are justifiably more expensive than people who haven’t had the same exposure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will make a better cake.  If you MUST have the exact cake you saw in Brides, get it from the person who created it. Most bakers don’t want to be copycats, because they don’t want their designs stolen by others either!     3. Go Online – Most of you will probably be checking out bakers online while you’re supposed to be working. A good place to start is a wedding portal like TheKnot.com. This site is free to users and lists a lot of local vendors for everything you might need for your wedding. They might not list everyone though, so you’ll want to explore other options as well.    4. Go Local – Who says you need to go to a fancy cake designer like me? If the baker on the corner makes the best cookies and cupcakes ever, see if they make wedding cakes too. The price is going to be a lot easier on the wallet, you know that you already like the stuff they make and you can feel good knowing you are helping to support a small business in your own community.   To see Ruth’s work and learn more about her, visit RuthDrennanCakes.com.   Read More
Brought to Rent the Runway by Christian Oth   For the last couple of weeks and several more to come, I have been sharing my best suggestions for booking your wedding photographer in Booking Your Wedding Photographer: Tips Series by Christian Oth.  With so many great options in wedding photography available to couples, it can be almost overwhelming to know how to find the best match. Following these tips will get you one step closer to getting great photographs that you’ll be able to cherish for years to come. This week we focus on one of the most crucial of the deciding factors- credibility.         Week 4: Credibility   Do they come highly recommended?  A great way to find a reputable wedding photographer is by asking your friends for recommendations. Keep in mind that your taste and style may be different than your friends, but if you love their photographs and they had a great experience with the photographer it’s a good bet that you will, too.  Ask them about their entire experience- from the wedding day to how timely the delivery of their images was.  If you are the first in your circle of friends to get married, ask other vendors and tastemakers that you admire who they would recommend.     Are they well-established?  Ask about your photographer’s background and level of experience.  Are they conducting their business out of Starbucks, or do they have their own studio?  All photographers have to start somewhere, and often you’ll find very talented photographers running their own small businesses.  Just make sure to do your research and take care to ask for references.  On the flip side, don’t be blinded by the brick-and-mortar businesses.  They could be burnouts, so take just as much time to look into these as well.       Can you view complete albums?  Most photographers are great at taking pictures, but sometimes when it comes to putting together an album, they can fall short.  By viewing complete albums, you’ll be able to see the cover and paper materials they use, and the quality and craftsmanship of the design.  Some larger studios have their own album designers and some outsource, but either way, at the end of the day the album is going to be what you have to remember your wedding.   To see Christian’s work, book him for your wedding and learn more about him, visit ChristianOthStudio.com.   Read More
Brought to Rent the Runway by AisleDash.com’s Brooke Showell.     Not only must they look lovely in coral satin and dance a mean Macarena, they'll keep you sane and smiling from the engagement to the afterparty. Whether it's just one sister or a gaggle of gal pals from all different stages of your life, your bridesmaids will be among your biggest supporters on the big day. Choose them wisely.   1. Determine the size There is no hard and fast rule as to how many attendants you should have (a good estimate is one attendant for every 50 guests), but consider the approximate size of your wedding in relation to the bridal party. Also, keep in mind that the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen does not have to be perfectly even and consider your budget: more ladies means more bouquets, bridal-party gifts, hair and makeup styling and anything else you plan to provide.   2. Consider the relationship Sisters, sisters of the groom, and other close relatives such as a favorite cousin get priority. Such gestures are greatly appreciated and may help avoid any potential conflicts or hurt feelings. When it comes to friends, consider the nature of the relationship and the person's role in your life. Also, consider how the women you're considering get along with each other. Two cousins engaged in a lifelong feud may make matters difficult for the rest of the bridesmaids (and you).   3. Think about her situation If a friend is moving to another country, starting a rigorous graduate-school program, recently unemployed or maybe even getting married herself, it might not be a great time for her to devote herself to your wedding. If being a bridesmaid doesn't work out, she may prefer to be involved with another way, such as giving a reading during the ceremony.   4. Don't feel pressured Almost every bride will have that one person whom they feel they should ask to be a bridesmaid but really just don't want to. Before you give in to the fear of hurting someone's feelings, think about what you want and figure out a tactful way to make that happen. Most importantly, don't let anyone invite herself into the bridal party -- after all, it's your wedding.   5. Be prompt and considerate Of course, you'll want to spread the good news of your engagement before you even think about the bridal party. Do not extend any official bridesmaid invitations until you have given it some thought and are absolutely sure of the decision, but don't put it off forever, either. Friends and family who suspect they're in the running will want to know whether or not they should start practicing their processional walk -- and you'll be able to put any bridal-party anxiety behind you and move on to other aspects of wedding planning.   For more on how to choose your bridesmaids visit Aisledash.com   Read More

Style Awards: Bridal Best

With the launch of Rent the Runway Weddings this week we’ve been swooning over anything and everything bridal. The best jaw dropping moment was when this Style Awards submission hit our inbox. Congrats to Lindsey for winning this week’s Style Awards!   At first she was nervous about renting the Sequin Enchanted Necklace for her July wedding, but was head over heels when it was delivered in perfect condition and pretty packaging. We LOVE that she took a fashion risk and paired it with a fun head piece! Lindsey, you look gorgeous!       If you have an amazing picture of yourself rocking Rent the Runway, send it to ShareRTR@renttherunway.com to see if you win our next Style Awards. Don’t forget to share a bit about the fabulous event you attended- we love to hear your stories! Winners are posted every Friday… good luck! Read More
Brought to Rent the Runway by BRIDEfinds.com   If you’re on the lookout for a chic, modern way to meet your “Something Blue” requirement and Great Aunt Edna’s blue doily doesn’t cut it, we’ve got your back. At BRIDEfinds, we’ve come across many “Something Blue” solutions – some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly. This batch is definitely the former:   1. Sexy Blue Pumps, like these Sergio Rossi Peep-toe suede pumps ($252, down from $560) are a great way to satisfy your blue fix. If you have a long, formal gown, guests will delight in seeing a flash of your pretty blue pumps on the dance floor. Plus they’re great for photos!     2. If you’re wearing a strapless gown and an up-do go for blue statement earrings that will really pop. These Trudelle Laker Doorknocker Crystal Earrings (retail, $282; RTR price $35) have a vintage-y feel, with a modern twist. Perfect for a contemporary bride having a classic wedding.     3. Why not go for pretty blue shapewear since you need to wear it anyways? At BRIDEfinds, we’re loving these pretty blue Skinny Britches Short ($42). The laser-cut leg on these puppies eliminates pinching, binding and bulging.     4. Why not satisfy your something blue in the most glamorous way possible? A toe-die-for clutch like this Judith Leiber Coeur De La Mer Clutch (retail, $2295; rental, $225) would be our pick.     5. If you’re skipping the shapewear, and want something sexy for your wedding night, nothing is cuter than a baby blue thong. Are you listening, bridesmaids? This Hanky Panky Bridal Low Rise Thong Gift Set ($59) would make a perfect shower gift.     For more Something Blue solutions and everything else bridal, visit BRIDEfinds.com.     Read More